Word of mouth is spreading and we need to keep up with the demand for our high quality services! The demand for APF quality trainers is growing among gyms and their members, and it's our job to connect the dots and find high quality Trainers to meet the demand.
We are on the look out for highly motivated and service-driven individuals who want to learn, grow, and change the lives of others. If you're a soon-to-be qualified, recently qualified, or seasoned Personal Trainer looking to take your skills to an all-time high, outperform your competition, and learn what it's like to be an expert in your field, maybe it's time you considered joining Team APF.

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Andrew Pethyon, CEO

Director and CEO of APF Strength and Conditioning,
APF Massage Therapy and APF Recruitment Agency.

Vanessa Hooper, COO

Chief Operations Officer of APF Recruitment Agency.


As personal trainers, we understand the stress that can be experienced when rent demands are in place - especially when you are starting to build your business. The APF Recruitment Agency will cover your facility rent with our full or split rent options, so you can focus on what you do best - training clients and helping them achieve their health and fitness goals.
We've tried and tested hundreds of business models, strategies and systems over the last four years. Our reputation among our many clients indicates the strength of both our brand and business model, and we want to share this success with you.

Through our interactive learning course and hands-on work experience you'll learn how to deploy our six-figure business strategies into your own business.
At the APF Recruitment Agency, we will turn your certificate 3 and 4 into more than just a piece of paper. Our educators will provide you with the secrets to success in the fitness industry - beyond the essentials of delivering a training program. 

From developing business systems and working with clients to marketing and ongoing professional development, you’ll have everything you need to succeed as an APF Trainer and grow your business.
Getting a foot-in-the-door as a qualified trainer is not always an easy task. You need the right environment to build your clientele and provide your fitness services. This is where the APF Recruitment Agency can help. Through our contacts within the Plus Fitness franchise, we connect the dots between personal trainers and facilities looking to hire.
The APF Recruitment Agency isn’t a one-time thing. As you continue to grow your career with APF, you will have continuous support, mentoring, and opportunities for professional development. We offer a range of educational resources, including seminars, classes, online learning courses, work experience, and ongoing performance reviews with our executive staff, to ensure APF trainers are amongst the best of the best. 
Here at the APF Recruitment Agency, we work with one of Sydney's top-tier digital marketing and SEO agencies to help us reach more prospective clients and connect them with you. Additionally, our team of Facebook and Instagram Advertising experts puts us directly in the eyes of potential clients, making us their go-to choice for any health and fitness goal. 
There are endless opportunities for potential growth throughout your career as an APF Trainer. Senior roles such as 'Head Coach', are available to high performance trainers who show outstanding enthusiasm and dedication to the brand and their clients. The success of APF and its esteemed reputation is in the strength of its team - there are no limits to how you can grow with us. 

If you want the APF Recruitment Agency to help you take your personal training business to unimaginable levels, please fill in the form below before spots fill up.

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Australian Institute Of Fitness

Australian Institute of Fitness is the largest fitness training organisation in Australia with our courses developed by leading industry experts, delivered by experienced, qualified educators and supported by the most recognised fitness partners nationwide.

Australian Fitness Academy

AFA has assisted thousands of graduates to create rewarding careers as exercise professionals. We have delivered the Certificate III and IV in Fitness for more than 28 years, with flexible study options allowing students to choose whether to complete their course either face-to-face or online.

Plus Fitness

No Lock In Contracts and 24/7 access to over 220 gyms across Australia, New Zealand and Asia and that's just the start! Plus Fitness has all the latest equipment, great classes, super friendly staff plus our free member App is loaded with over 1400 exercises to help you achieve your fitness goals.


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